COFACE’S structure is organised in such a way as to guarantee real representativity:

The General Assembly is open to the representatives of all member organisations and lays down our general strategy every year.

The Administrative Council is COFACE’s most important decision-making body.

The Executive Bureau carries out the Administrative Council’s decisions.

The Secretariat in Brussels ensures the representation and the smooth functioning of COFACE.

Administrative Council: Elisabeth Potzinger (AT), Annemie Drieskens (BE), Maria Petkova (BG), Michaela Marksova (CZ), Sven Iversen (DE), Antonia Torrens (EL), Amaia Echevarria (ES), Eija Koivuranta (FI), TBC (FR), TBC (FR), Silvija Stanic (HR), Anna Nagy (HU), Anne Payne (IE), Gaetano Santonocito (IT), Romain Kraemer (LU), Gonçalo Solla (PT), Peter Grabner (SL), Stanislav Trnovec (SK), Chantal Bruno (COFACE Disability Platoform).

Executive Bureau:
Annemie Drieskens, President
Sven Iversen, Vice-President
Antonia Torrens, Vice-President
Silvija Stanic, Treasurer

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