Millions of families across the EU are in a situation of over indebtedness, millions more don’t have access to a basic bank account, another few million don’t have access to basic loans such as mortgage credit in order to buy a home where they can thrive as a family.

COFACE-Families Europe advocates for more responsible lending via for example thorough credit worthiness checks, credit guidance to ensure that credit is allocated for productive activities (funding the real economy), and access to better information and independent quality financial guidance for families. COFACE-Families Europe also defends the right to the access of a basic bank account for all EU citizens without any form of discrimination. COFACE-Families Europe underlines the necessity for all families to have access to certain financial products such as mortgage credit, pensions and saving products to ensure that they can make long-term life investments which are essential for their family life. When families fall into over-indebtedness, it is essential that all Member States provide the right to debt settlement and a fresh start to allow for families to quickly return to the labour market and prevent a negative spiral which ends up costing society more than a full discharge.

As an extension to the financial inclusion policy measures, COFACE-Families Europe has broadened its scope of reflections to encompass a critical examination of our current economic, financial and monetary system, to ensure that they serve society and the general interest as opposed to serving the interests of a select few. Addressing questions such as understanding how money is created, what are the implications of a debt based monetary system and what policies should be put in place to foster positive sustainable growth are at the heart of our reflections.

Key documents:

Report of the seminar “Economics at the Service of Society” organized by COFACE-Families Europe (2019)

Report on social policy and mortgage lending (2018)

Paper written for the FSUG: Assessment of current and future impact of Big Data on Financial Services (2016)

Compendium on financial inclusion (2016)

Paper written for the FSUG: Assessing the impact of credit data on preventing over-indebtedness, contributing to prudential regulation and facilitating access to affordable and quality credit (2015)

Financial inclusion policy brief (2012)

Credit Insurance policy brief (2012)


Accessible and fair financial services for all (2015)


OPINION: When The Rat Race Stops

OPINION: When the rat race stops

2020 is off to a crazy start. After the Australian bushfires, followed by Australian floods, the Coronavirus pandemic started spreading across the world, shutting down a large part of China, followed by Europe, and most other continents as well. While…

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8 Key Actions To Help Families & The Economy Bounce Back

8 key actions to help families & the economy bounce back

Brussels, 15th April 2020, MEDIA RELEASE #COVID19 #AndraTuttoBene #StayHome DOWNLOAD POSITION PAPER Lockdowns, school closure and teleworking have pushed society into a new reality in the family, working and social spheres of life, with clear consequences on work-life balance and…

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Household account book, Gezinsbond, Belgium

Background As a consumer organization, it is our mission to protect and inform families as consumers. The household account book is a way of fulfilling this mission. Belgium is facing a record number of families in over-indebtedness; approximately 100.000 families…

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Family Lab: Financial Inclusion

Family Lab: Financial Inclusion

COFACE has always considered financial inclusion as one of its priorities, especially since access to some financial services like a basic bank account is a pre-condition for social inclusion. We encourage families to attend budgetary education classes that gives them…

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ESA Consumer Day – Financial Education

ESA Consumer Day – Financial Education

On the 28th of June, the three European supervisory authorities (ESAs – EBA, EIOPA, ESMA) held their yearly Consumer Day in Dublin. Martin Schmalzried represented COFACE-Families Europe and the consumer perspective on the first panel dedicated to the topic of…

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