Millions of families across the EU are in a situation of over indebtedness, millions more don’t have access to a basic bank account, another few million don’t have access to basic loans such as mortgage credit in order to buy a home where they can thrive as a family.

COFACE advocates for more responsible lending and borrowing via for example thorough credit worthiness checks and access to better information and independent quality financial guidance for families. COFACE also defends the right to the access of a basic bank account for all EU citizens without any form of discrimination. Finally, COFACE underlines the necessity for all families to have access to certain financial products such as mortgage credit, pensions and saving products to ensure that they can make long-term life investments which are essential for their family life.


COFACE Families Europe Fighting Over-indebtedness

COFACE Families Europe Fighting over-indebtedness

Last year, Families Europe contributed to a Spanish book entitled “Preventing over-indebtedness: towards responsible lending and consumption” which is now available online (La prevención del sobreendeudamiento privado. Hacia un préstamo y consumo responsables), writing about the Belgian public credit register…

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Population Europe Releases New Paper On Social Vulnerability

Population Europe releases new paper on social vulnerability

Population Europe, a network of Europe's leading demographic research centres, has released a new discussion paper by Ann Zimmermann on social vulnerability.  It is part of a series of in-depth insights into contemporary discussions among demographic experts from research, policy and…

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