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Beyond social and health services of general interest which must be developed as part of rights-based social and employment policies, other consumer-related services are also essential to ensure social inclusion. The European Pillar of Social Rights addresses this to a certain extent in some of the principles put forward (e.g. on housing and access to essential services). For instance, we believe that financial inclusion is an absolute prerequisite for social inclusion.

While COFACE’S action is firmly rooted in social and employment policy, we also aim to defend the interests of families as consumers and help empower them to understand the context in which they are consuming (rights and responsibilities, food labelling and choices, the impact of advertising on themselves and their children) especially those consumer areas that have an impact on their social and health inclusion.

To this end, we monitor different EU policy and legal frameworks to ensure the voice of families is always present round the tables of EU negotiations, and try to build bridges with industry representatives (advertising industry, finance industry, food industry, and more). We participate in key EU stakeholder groups like the EU Consumer Consultative Group and the EU Diet Platform; work closely with EU agencies like the European Banking Authority and the EU Intellectual Property Office; and develop joint advocacy campaigns with key European NGOs on consumer and health protection.


Children And Screens, UNAF, France

Children and screens, UNAF, France

Our French member, UNAF (Union Nationale des Associations Familiales), has launched a new website for families on the growing exposure to screens, targeting parents with children between 0 and 13. As digitalisation and exposure to screens grows within the family,…

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EU Consumer Credit Directive: Open Consultation

EU Consumer Credit Directive: open consultation

On the 14th of January, the European Commission has launched the consultation to gather information on the functioning the Consumer Credit Directive (2008/48/EC). The development of a deeper and fairer single market is one of the European Commission’s key priorities.…

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Change Finance Forum

Change Finance Forum

On the 6th and 7th of December, Finance Watch held the 2nd edition of the Change Finance Forum, which brought together various stakeholders to discuss and exchange, with high level speakers and experts, how to make the financial system serve…

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ASGECO (Spain) Vocal On Energy Poverty

ASGECO (Spain) vocal on energy poverty

Jean-Bernard Audureau from the General Association of Consumers (ASGECO) in Spain wrote an opinion piece in which he proposes an eminently holistic approach to combat energy poverty. In his piece (in Spanish) he explains what the European Coalition for the…

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