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With virtual reality just around the corner, augmented reality in the pipeline, algorithms coupled with Big Data and the Internet of Things personalising our online and offline environment, and continuous progress in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, this makes for a cocktail which will revolutionise the way we use the Internet and our devices, creating both new opportunities and new risks.

Read our Policy briefing Current challenges and the impact of digitalisation on families – published for the 2016 OECD Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting.

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Digital Change And Its Impact On Families

Digital Change and its impact on families

The Association of German Family Organisations (COFACE member) has developed a discussion paper reflecting on questions regarding digitalisation for different areas of life from the point of view of families. It takes a lifecycle perspective to discuss the consequences of…

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Technology For All: Closing The Digital Gap In Spain

Technology for all: Closing the digital gap in Spain

Since 2004, Isadora Duncan (COFACE member) has developed an empowerment programme based on access to technology, focused on adult and older people, with a special emphasis on women. Background information The project started as an initiative on digitalisation, focused on…

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ETwinning : Where Education Meets Democracy

eTwinning : Where Education Meets Democracy

On the 24th, 25th and 26th of October, eTwinning held its annual conference on the topic of democracy. Education plays a crucial role in shaping the world and citizens. Schools must be places where pupils are educated to have an…

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