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With virtual reality just around the corner, augmented reality in the pipeline, algorithms coupled with Big Data and the Internet of Things personalising our online and offline environment, and continuous progress in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, this makes for a cocktail which will revolutionise the way we use the Internet and our devices, creating both new opportunities and new risks.

Read our Policy briefing Current challenges and the impact of digitalisation on families – published for the 2016 OECD Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting.

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Omnipresence Of ICT At Home Affects Family Dynamics

Omnipresence of ICT at home affects family dynamics

Although digital technologies are an integral part of all areas of life, children and young people use ICT most frequently at home. The omnipresence of digital technologies affects the social interactions in their homes and thus influences the family dynamics.…

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Digital Families Map: Veilig Online/Safely Online

Digital Families Map: Veilig Online/Safely Online

The Gezinsbond from Belgium (COFACE member) developed an innovative training programme in 2008 for parents aimed to develop their knowledge and skillset on new media, that their children daily use. Background information Parents know too little about the online activities…

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