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Disability is a key area of work under the EU social policy, EU fundamental rights agenda, and now also under the EU Internal Market agenda (aiming to make some goods and services accessible to persons with disabilities).

The European Union has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and we are closely monitoring the implementation of this Convention together with UN and EU bodies, as well as key EU stakeholders. We are members of the European Disability Forum, as well as other alliances. We are currently co-chair of the European Expert Group on Deinstitutionalisation.

COFACE’s disability work centres on advocating for decent services to help family carers in their role as supporters of their relatives (see our European Charter of Family Carers), and on promoting the transition from institutional to community-based settings in the social/health sector to ensure families and their members are fully included in their communities. Our COFACE Disability branch meets at least once a year to discuss key issues such as these, and to ensure that families of people with disabilities have a voice in EU policy and law-making.


Femmes, Handicaps, Violences

Femmes, handicaps, violences

Aborder la question du non respect des droits des femmes offre l’embarras du choix, hélas. Violences et handicap en font partie.  Si on parle un peu (mais jamais assez) des violences faites aux femmes, on parle encore moins des femmes…

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The Plight Of Women With Disabilities

The plight of women with disabilities

It is difficult to know where to start when writing about the failure to properly address women’s rights.  We are quite simply spoilt for choice. Physical abuse and the treatment of people with disabilities are among the long list of…

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Barrier-free Europe: A Dream, Or A Soon To Be Reality?

Barrier-free Europe: a dream, or a soon to be reality?

The European Commission organised a "Workshop on Accessibility of Products and Services" which took place in Brussels on 2-3 February 2017. The objective of this workshop was to present concrete aspects of accessibility and the business case for providing accessible…

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