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Education is a huge policy area to cover. COFACE’s expertise focuses especially on three key areas: informal education and parenting support, early childhood education and care, and finally striving for inclusive education. Read more on this section.

COFACE Families Europe’s position on Early Childhood Care and Education (2014)


European Child Guarantee – Myth Or Reality?

European Child Guarantee – myth or reality?

The European Parliament committee for employment and social affairs met in Brussels on 24 September (see agenda) to discuss various matters including social policies in the euro area, and organised a workshop to discuss various challenges today and in the…

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EU CONVINCE – Inclusive Schools

EU CONVINCE – Inclusive schools

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) is leading project on education and democratic citizenship: EU CONVINCE. COFACE Families Europe is associate partner of this project, which is covering various topics including: Civic education and democratic-school culture; Teaching in…

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Co-Happiness: Happy And Safe In The Community

Co-Happiness: Happy and safe in the Community

KMOP-Social Action and Innovation Centre participates in the European Project Co-Happiness: Happy and safe in the Community, which aims to contribute to the prevention of child abuse and maltreatment and raise awareness regarding the forms and consequences of the phenomenon.…

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European Survey On Parents: Have Your Say!

European survey on parents: have your say!

What is your view on parental engagement? How does your school engage with parents? Is it successful? There is a strong link between a positive home learning environment and students’ performance at school, according to research. Engaging parents and caregivers…

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