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Education is a huge policy area to cover. COFACE’s expertise focuses especially on three key areas: informal education and parenting support, early childhood education and care, and finally striving for inclusive education. Read more on this section.

COFACE Families Europe’s position on Early Childhood Care and Education (2014)


Roundtable Two-generation ECEC Programmes

Roundtable Two-generation ECEC programmes

According to the latest data of Eurydice and Eurostat by 2030 the number of children under 6 will fall by 7,6%. Demographic projections also suggest that the demand for early childhood education and care (ECEC) services will decrease in the…

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Let’s Create A Better Internet Together

Let’s create a better internet together

PRESS RELEASE 11 February 2014, Brussels – This year’s Safer Internet Day theme looks at the responsibility that we must all take in making the internet a better place. Whether we are children and young people, parents and carers, educators or social…

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