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Education is a huge policy area to cover. COFACE’s expertise focuses especially on three key areas: informal education and parenting support, early childhood education and care, and finally striving for inclusive education. Read more on this section.

COFACE Families Europe’s position on Early Childhood Care and Education (2014)


Response Of COFACE To EU Consultation On Fake News

Response of COFACE to EU consultation on Fake News

The European Commission is discussing with platforms, news media, research and civil society organisations in order to design solutions to address the spread of fake news. The aim is to define the actors' responsibilities, while respecting the freedom of expression,…

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UNAF France Publishes Report On Banking Exclusion

UNAF France publishes report on banking exclusion

Since the 1970s, owning a bank account and means of electronic payment has become an absolute necessity to live normal lives in France. With the privatization of banks in the 1980s, the State has transferred to banks the social responsibility…

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Save The Date: COFACE Is Turning 60 In 2018!

Save the date: COFACE is turning 60 in 2018!

2018 will be a landmark year for COFACE Families Europe! We will celebrate our 60th anniversary this year on May 15th, the International Day of Families. With some ups and downs, COFACE has built a strong reputation as a European…

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