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Building Social Europe

COFACE Families Europe’s mission is to contribute to better policy-making at EU level to make a positive change in the lives of millions of families living in Europe today. To this end, our advocacy is organised in three areas of action:

Mainstreaming: Providing a voice for families in the EU political arena to mainstream the family perspective as far as possible. EU politics cannot disregard this fundamental part of the nature of being human. We are especially active in shaping and implementing key frameworks like the European Pillar of Social Rights, the EU Semester, the EU Disability Strategy, and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Linking up: We strive to strengthen EU social and employment policies, ensuring links between local grassroots organisations, national family policies, and EU realities. We also facilitate links across EU countries, driving innovation through transnational exchanges between civil society organisations representing families of all types. We do this thanks to the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

Monitoring: We monitor the positive and negative impacts of EU policies and legislation beyond the social/family policy fields such as health, digital policy, consumer policy, economic and finance.


Positions on Europe

We build our EU advocacy, voice our concerns, bring our expert opinions, on the basis of formal positions developed by COFACE members and adopted in our Administrative Council. These positions include reflections and recommendations on the role of Europe in social and family policy:

A New Deal for Families of Today (2019)
Building Inclusive Societies – First steps to bridging the gaps between family, education and migration policies (2019)
An EU Deal for childcare (2018)
Long-term care: the family dimension (2018)
Digitalisation Principles (2018)
Families on the Edge (2017)
The European Charter of Family Carers (refreshed in 2017)

In some cases we build campaigns around these positions, in other cases we host Brussels-based events and round tables to launch a reflection with key EU policy-makers and decision-makers.

We bring these recommendations to the attention of EU institutions (Commission, Parliament, Council), EU advisory bodies (European Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions), EU agencies, NGO alliances (European Expert Group on the transition from institutional to community-based care, European Disability Forum, Social Platform, Alliance for investing in children, Right to Energy Coalition, Violence Against Women Coalition).


Join the movement

Interested in finding out more about the impact of Europe in your daily life or how we are building a favourable European ecosystem for families, all types without discrimination? We invite you to sign up for our newsletter or contact us for a short Experience Europe training


OECD Working Paper On Vulnerable Families

OECD Working paper on vulnerable families

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Update On EU Child Guarantee: Latest Developments

Update on EU Child Guarantee: latest developments

The European Commission has committed to propose a Child Guarantee policy instrument in 2021, most probably in the form of a Council recommendation. This policy instrument will provide further guidance and a coherent policy response, building on the 2013 Commission…

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Explore Our New Videos On YouTube

Explore our new videos on YouTube

After joining Instagram last year, COFACE Families Europe attended to the next social media channel – YouTube. We started collecting our creative videos already 4 years ago mainly on financial inclusion and digitalisation. Over the years, our channel gathered audio-visual…

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2020 – COFACE Disability platform meeting

**Please note: This is an internal COFACE expert meeting** (meeting documents are for internal use, not for dissemination) 2020 COFACE Disability platform for the rights of persons with disabilities and their families 24th June 2020 ________ List of Participants Link to…

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