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COFACE’s mission is to contribute to better policy making at EU level to make a positive change in the lives of the millions of families living in Europe. To this end, our advocacy is organised in three areas of action:

Mainstreaming: Providing a voice for families in the EU political arena to mainstream the family perspective as far as possible. EU politics cannot disregard this fundamental part of the nature of being human.
Linking up: We strive to strengthen EU social and employment policies, ensuring links between local grassroots organisations, national family policies, and EU realities. We also facilitate links across EU countries, driving innovation through transnational exchanges.
Monitoring: We monitor the positive and negative impacts of EU policies and legislation beyond the social/family policy fields (see other policy fields on the website)


A New Deal For Families Of Today

A New Deal for Families of Today

Full version here According to Esping-Andersen’s “The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism” (1990) , there are three key players in the production of welfare: the state, the market and family. The demographic  transition and evolving family patterns, coupled with low…

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Recommendations Of The Civil Society Days 2019

Recommendations of the Civil Society Days 2019

The challenges Europe is facing today are unprecedented. A rise in nationalism, driven by a loss of citizens' faith in the European project, is threatening to overturn democratic values and undermine social and political stability. At the same time, the…

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Quality Of Health And Care Services In The EU

Quality of health and care services in the EU

On the 11th of July Eurofound published a report, based on data from its European Quality of Life 2016 Survey, looking at the use, access to, and perceptions of quality in relation to health services long-term care and childcare across…

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EU CONVINCE – Inclusive Schools

EU CONVINCE – Inclusive schools

The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) is leading project on education and democratic citizenship: EU CONVINCE. COFACE Families Europe is associate partner of this project, which is covering various topics including: Civic education and democratic-school culture; Teaching in…

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Ensuring A Just Approach In The Energy Renovation Of Homes

Ensuring a just approach in the energy renovation of homes

The pressing need for action to mitigate climate change includes a significant contribution from housing to carbon emission reduction targets. Buildings represent 36% of Europe’s CO2 emissions. Getting to zero emissions in 2050 across the whole economy without decarbonising the…

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