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COFACE’s mission is to contribute to better policy making at EU level to make a positive change in the lives of the millions of families living in Europe. To this end, our advocacy is organised in three areas of action:

Mainstreaming: Providing a voice for families in the EU political arena to mainstream the family perspective as far as possible. EU politics cannot disregard this fundamental part of the nature of being human.
Linking up: We strive to strengthen EU social and employment policies, ensuring links between local grassroots organisations, national family policies, and EU realities. We also facilitate links across EU countries, driving innovation through transnational exchanges.
Monitoring: We monitor the positive and negative impacts of EU policies and legislation beyond the social/family policy fields (see other policy fields on the website)


Lettre Ouverte: M. Le Président Macron, Passez à L’acte !

Lettre ouverte: M. le Président Macron, passez à l’acte !

Paris, le 16 avril, 2018  Monsieur le Président de la République, Alors qu’une proposition de directive concernant l'équilibre vie professionnelle - vie privée des parents et des aidants familiaux est en discussion au Conseil de l’Union Européenne, nos 51 associations représentant des…

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Update On The Work Life Balance Dossier

Update on the Work Life Balance dossier

From 1 to 8 March, we asked our penguins to go around social media to spread the message that Work-Life Balance is not only a means to get more women into the labour market but first and foremost a measure…

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Save The Date: April 25 Is World Penguin Day!

Save the date: April 25 is World Penguin Day!

If you have subscribed to the COFACE newsletter and/or you follow us on Social Media, you have probably seen our “March of the Penguins”, an action in support of the EU work-life balance directive that we launched in the run-up…

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