The European Commission put forward a first, preliminary outline of what should become the European Pillar of Social Rights, in March 2016. The current Pillar proposal consists of 20 key social and employment policy principles, a kind of compass to guide future EU social policy. The Pillar builds on progress made under the EU social open method of coordination, the European Semester, and the EU Social Investment Package adopted in 2013. The aim of the European Commission with the new Pillar, is to agree on an EU framework to monitor social and employment performance of EU Member States, and push for more convergence in the Eurozone.

COFACE Families Europe welcomes the Proclamation of the Pillar November 2017
COFACE Families Europe Preliminary Assessment of the Pillar May 2017
COFACE Families Europe Pillar Recommendations December 2016
COFACE Families Europe Pillar Discussion Paper September 2016

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ASGECO (Spain) Vocal On Energy Poverty

ASGECO (Spain) vocal on energy poverty

Jean-Bernard Audureau from the General Association of Consumers (ASGECO) in Spain wrote an opinion piece in which he proposes an eminently holistic approach to combat energy poverty. In his piece (in Spanish) he explains what the European Coalition for the…

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