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Migration is a wide and complex policy field to follow. Our focus in COFACE is especially on highlighting the family perspective in migration, since migration policies are often centred on the individual and do not consider the family ties and family life of individuals. Economic, labour and circular migration is an important phenomenon that cannot be neglected: for example, it is more and more common to see a member of the family moving to another country and leaving their family in the country of origin. COFACE advocates for migration policies to consider the family dimension and family ties that migrants have with their family members and believes that families should be supported, if they decide to live transnationally or to re-unite through family reunification with no discrimination of individuals or of family form.


FAMS – International Congress On One-parent Families

FAMS – International congress on one-parent families

On 30th November, Federación de Asociaciones de Madres Solteras (FAMS) held an international congress in Madrid, Spain, on one-parent families. UNAF Spain was also present to bring a European perspective to the discussions. According to a Population Europe brief on…

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LGBTIQ* Parents Concerned For Their Rights In Poland

LGBTIQ* parents concerned for their rights in Poland

Within the past few months Poland’s LGBT+ community has experienced many acts of hostility, aggression and discrimination on an unprecedented scale. The ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) is using the so-called “LGBT+ ideology” in the ongoing election campaign (national…

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