UNAF-France Meets Emmanuel Macron, New President Of France

UNAF-France meets Emmanuel Macron, new President of France

Emmanuel Macron is the newly elected President of France. During his election campaign, Marie-Andrée Blanc, President of UNAF and Guillemette Leneveu, Director General of UNAF (Union Nationale des Associations Familiales) met him and his team about his commitments for families. …

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Families on the Move…from Prague to Brussels

Our Families on the Move conference is moving...instead of taking place in Prague, it will take place in Brussels at the centre of Europe on 11-12th May 2017, making key links between local and EU dynamics, with the presence of…

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Femmes, Handicaps, Violences

Femmes, handicaps, violences

Aborder la question du non respect des droits des femmes offre l’embarras du choix, hélas. Violences et handicap en font partie.  Si on parle un peu (mais jamais assez) des violences faites aux femmes, on parle encore moins des femmes…

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Family Leaves

Family leaves

COFACE believes that a more family friendly workplace, in which the well-being and individual needs of workers are respected and taken into account, and in which leaves are not grounds for discrimination but rather a corner stone for a more…

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