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Policies to facilitate the combination of work and family life are essential for families to benefit from sufficient financial resources, available quality services, and adequate time arrangements in order to enjoy their family life in dignity. Work-life balance is at the very core of COFACE’s work,  with a focus on three key areas of action:

Time arrangements: promoting different types of leave (maternity, paternity, parental, carers).
Services: advocating for access to affordable and quality services (different forms of childcare, but also long-term care services).
Gender equality: fostering gender equality and female labour force participation through a variety of actions (policy, research, enterprise).


Study Toys Catalogue In Europe

Study Toys catalogue in Europe

Early years are key in the social and cognitive development of every child and the impact that play and toys have on child development contribute to shape the child’s behaviour, interests and choices that he/she will make in later life. Therefore,…

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Family Leaves

Family leaves

COFACE believes that a more family friendly workplace, in which the well-being and individual needs of workers are respected and taken into account, and in which leaves are not grounds for discrimination but rather a corner stone for a more…

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Time Reform Campaign By Salud Y Familia, Spain

Time reform campaign by Salud y Familia, Spain

Elvira Méndez, Director of Salud y Familia, explains the campaign of the Catalan government in a recently published article: Encontrar tiempo dentro del Tiempo (“Finding time within time”). “Current organisation of time in our society has a negative impact on our lives.…

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