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Policies to facilitate the combination of work and family life are essential for families to benefit from sufficient financial resources, available quality services, and adequate time arrangements in order to enjoy their family life in dignity. Work-life balance is at the very core of COFACE’s work,  with a focus on three key areas of action:

Time arrangements: promoting different types of leave (maternity, paternity, parental, carers).
Services: advocating for access to affordable and quality services (different forms of childcare, but also long-term care services).
Gender equality: fostering gender equality and female labour force participation through a variety of actions (policy, research, enterprise).

COFACE Families Europe Assessment of the work-life balance package June 2017

COFACE Families Europe Paper “Families on the edge: building a comprehensive European WorkLife balance reality” March 2017

Read our press release on the EU WorkLife balance package: The first in a long line of Social Rights Pillar Packages? (26 April 2017)


#IwantWorkLifeBalance: Join The Movement!

#IwantWorkLifeBalance: Join the movement!

Families struggle to cope with their multiple responsibilities and thus helping them reconcile their work, family, care and private lives is fundamental. The #IwantWorkLifeBalance campaign was launched to shore up citizen support for the EU Work Life Balance Directive as…

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Do You Know Why We Use Penguins?

Do you know why we use penguins?

Penguins are natural examples of sharing of responsibilities in parenting! The logo of the #IwantWorkLifeBalance is the Emperor penguin. We use it on our campaign materials because it represents gender equality and sharing of responsibilities in parenting. Do you want…

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Update On COFACE Actions On Work Life Balance

Update on COFACE actions on Work Life Balance

The month of October has been a busy one on the Work Life Balance front. We saw institutional developments, contributed to a number of high-level events and launched the #IwantWorkLifeBalance campaign. This proves that the process for the adoption of…

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Employment And Social Developments In Europe 2017

Employment and Social Developments in Europe 2017

This seventh edition of the annual Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) Review presents a detailed analysis of key employment and social issues and concerns for the European Union and its Member States as they pursue the EU 2020…

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