Women’s engagement with employed work has immediate visibility since it takes place in the public sphere. Men’s involvement in family work, by contrast, does not tie into the same social value-claiming process. Men’s performance of household and family tasks is arguably much more “revolutionary” in terms of changing established norms and values than women’s involvement in employed work.

Taking family time into account in the organisation of working time increasingly seems to be the prerequisite for successful implementation of the gender equality principle. For that to happen, however, the concept of reconciling work and family life needs to be rethought in universal terms, i.e., in terms that embrace both men’s and women’s wants and needs, not just those of women, as has too often been the case so far. These universal terms can only come about from balancing men’s and women’s needs and wants in terms of time for family life.

Where families specifically are concerned, men must realise that the future of equality in the family depends first and foremost on them, their commitment and ability to negotiate and socially impose the legitimacy of their presence in the home to look after and take care of their children or other dependent family members. Lone-parent fathers who have to contend with this situation could help spearhead change in this respect.

Engineering real equality between men’s and women’s rights cannot stop short at the workplace and public sphere, however essential that may be. It must also extend to the private sphere where the family holds pride of place, failing which the existing gender inequalities will be perpetuated indefinitely.


Civil Society Organisations & SDGs

Civil Society organisations & SDGs

For the first time since COFACE obtained the UN consultative status in2014, we organised a joint event with the UN focal point on the family in Amsterdam. The conference ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Gender Equality: the role of family…

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UNAF Spain Represents Families Europe In Madrid

UNAF Spain represents Families Europe in Madrid

UNAF Spain President Julia Pérez Correa , Member of COFACE Families Europe, represented COFACE in Madrid on 23-24 March, in an event on "Building Equality from the municipal action" organised by the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities (IMIO) and the…

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