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Policies to facilitate the combination of work and family life are essential for families to benefit from sufficient financial resources, available quality services, and adequate time arrangements in order to enjoy their family life in dignity. Work-life balance is at the very core of COFACE’s work,  with a focus on three key areas of action:

Time arrangements: promoting different types of leave (maternity, paternity, parental, carers).
Services: advocating for access to affordable and quality services (different forms of childcare, but also long-term care services).
Gender equality: fostering gender equality and female labour force participation through a variety of actions (policy, research, enterprise).

COFACE assessment of the work-life balance package June 2017
COFACE paper on building a comprehensive European work-life balance reality March 2017
COFACE media release on the EU Work-Life Balance package April 2017


EIGE’s Expert Meeting On Women And Poverty

EIGE’s expert meeting on Women and Poverty

In the framework of EIGE’s work on good practices, COFACE was invited to participate in the expert stakeholders’ meeting to select a number of practices on “Women and Poverty: Non-monetary measures to tackle women’s poverty and social exclusion”. In particular,…

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Reconciliation: A Safety Net For All Families!

Reconciliation: a safety net for all families!

In August 2015, the Commission published a "Roadmap" for the initiative ‘A new start to address the challenges of work-life balance faced by working families’ to replace the 2008 Commission proposal to revise the Maternity Leave Directive. The objective for…

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European Conference “Families Beyond Borders”

European conference “Families Beyond Borders”

COFACE and the Bulgarian Center of Women's Studies and Policies, organized the European conference "Families Beyond Borders” event in Sofia, Bulgaria on 5-6 November 2015. The event, focused on transnational families, aimed at exploring challenges and consequences of what it…

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Roundtable Two-generation ECEC Programmes

Roundtable Two-generation ECEC programmes

According to the latest data of Eurydice and Eurostat by 2030 the number of children under 6 will fall by 7,6%. Demographic projections also suggest that the demand for early childhood education and care (ECEC) services will decrease in the…

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Employers’ Forum For Work Life Balance

Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance

COFACE, in collaboration with its Finnish member Väestöliitto, The Family Federation of Finland organised the Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance #EEFWLB on September 8-9 in Helsinki. The #EEFWLB was a great opportunity to foster exchange between employers from the…

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