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Policies to facilitate the combination of work and family life are essential for families to benefit from sufficient financial resources, available quality services, and adequate time arrangements in order to enjoy their family life in dignity. Work-life balance is at the very core of COFACE’s work,  with a focus on three key areas of action:

Time arrangements: promoting different types of leave (maternity, paternity, parental, carers).
Services: advocating for access to affordable and quality services (different forms of childcare, but also long-term care services).
Gender equality: fostering gender equality and female labour force participation through a variety of actions (policy, research, enterprise).

COFACE assessment of the work-life balance package June 2017
COFACE paper on building a comprehensive European work-life balance reality March 2017
COFACE media release on the EU Work-Life Balance package April 2017


Work-Life-Balance Update – Onwards And Upwards

Work-Life-Balance update – onwards and upwards

EU Legislation  Together with 13 European and international organisations on 5th November (day before a key trilogue), we issued a public statement  highlighting our ambitions and red lines on the EU work-life balance directive. The negotiations between Parliament and Council…

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Eurobarometer Survey On Work-life Balance

Eurobarometer survey on work-life balance

A Eurobarometer survey was carried out by phone in the 28 Member States on the issue of work-life balance. In this survey, 26,578 respondents were asked about: existing levels of satisfaction with work-life balance; the availability of various types of…

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Work-Life-Balance Update: Where Are We Now?

Work-Life-Balance update: Where are we now?

Negotiations between Parliament and Council have started. The Austrian Presidency scheduled 5 trilogues and two already took place. The negotiations are ongoing as we speak and the possibility to reach a deal by the end of the year is more…

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