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Your future. Your Choice – Consumer education campaign comes to close

On World Consumer Rights Day (15th March 2021), COFACE Families Europe engaged in the European Commission consumer education campaign called ‘Your future. Your choice.’ on the topics of safety online, sustainable development, data protection and financial literacy. The campaign officially ends today, but consumer education will remain a key priority and we encourage our European and global partners to keep the conversation going.

One year after our usual consumption brutally came to a halt as shops all around Europe were forced to close due to unprecedented lockdown measures. A year’s reflection to think about key questions linked to consumption like: What are my real needs? What is essential for my family?

COFACE Families Europe engaged in the consumer education campaign of the European Commission which lasted two months, aiming to empower citizens to reflect on their consumption behaviours, to educate themselves about their rights and to protest against potential market abuses and social injustices that undermine those rights.

It is important to remember that the future ahead will be the future determined by our purchases, a motto which is the center of the educational campaign unveiled by the European Commission which comes to a close today, 21st May 2021. We call on the COFACE community to keep the conversation going, namely to:

  • Inform consumers about their rights and responsibilities;
  • Share valuable consumer reflexes that apply in many different circumstances;
  • Let consumers know where they can seek redress and inform them about their national consumer organizations and how these assist them with their problems;
  • Run consumer education campaigns designed directly by consumer organizations or civil society to ensure their relevance and quality.

The 4 videos, which were the center of the campaign, have played an important role in transmitting the motto. Thanks to their availability in 24 languages, each household across Europe could understand the messages and strengthen their knowledge of consumer rights on the topics of data protection, internet safety, sustainable consumption and financial literacy.

To review the videos in English or French, please visit our YouTube playlist.

For more information:
European Commission website
COFACE campaign website
Media release on World Consumer Rights Day

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