In light of COVID-19, COFACE Families Europe collects information and resources that can be helpful for families and families organisations in Europe.

COFACE in action

COFACE Families Europe has acitvely called on the EU to look at short- and long-term consequences of the pandemic and developed 8 actions.

Our members

Our network spreads across many European countries. Here a list of our actions and initiatives taken by them during the COVId-19 pandemic.

What the EU did

It is hard to keep an overview of what is happening inside the EU. We collected relevant responses taken by the EU institutions so far.

Resources on different areas

Resources on disability

You can find useful resources for families with members with disabilities and family carers.

Resources on work-life balance & gender equality

You can find useful resources for families on work-life balance and gender equality.

Resources on migration

You can find useful resources for migrant and global families.

Resources on societal change during COVID-19

We collected some information around different areas affecting families.

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