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AGF-Conference on Families in a Digital Working Environment 4.0, Germany

On 18 October, our German member AGF, the Association of German Family Organisations, organised a conference on future digital changes in the working environment and its risks and opportunities for families. The event brought together policy-makers, researchers, and civil society organisations.

The focus of the conference was to explicitly see the digitalisation of work from a family perspective. What changes are especially relevant for families? What developments in the working environment could families benefit from and what are the risks of digitalisation? Focus areas were social security, reconciling work and family life, as well as provision of care. On each of the topics, one speaker of the relevant German Federal Ministry and one representative of research or civil society gave an input which was then discussed.

AGF is currently working on a publication with the results of the conference that is to be published (in German) on their website soon.

For more information and pictures of the event, please visit the website of AGF

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