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CALL TO ACTION! Get involved in our new #IWantWorkLifeBalance social media wave to call for the adoption of the EU work-life balance directive by December 2018

We are in the last phase of the EU work-life balance directive process, which means that now is the time to keep on pushing for our demands for a positive change in the life of millions in Europe!

After the European Parliament confirmed the mandate for negotiations in September, trilogues have started and are currently ongoing. We are positive that it is only a matter of weeks until an agreement is formed, however to see our goal for a quality agreement happen, we need to join forces and keep the discussion going on our social media communities.

Therefore, until the EU work-life balance directive is formally adopted we call on all our partners and friends to spread the word and support us by getting involved in this latest social media wave.

Particularly the days before the next trilogues on 6th November and 19th November, we want to share and discuss our key messages, as we have done for the last one and a half years with the support of many NGOs. For this occasion, we have prepared several short videos to be shared on social media with the hashtag #IWantWorkLifeBalance. They illustrate our key messages and will be published during the weeks leading to the trilogues. Please get involved and share these important video-messages. The videos will be gradually inserted here:


1. #IWantWorkLifeBalance NOW – Adopt the EU directive!


2. #IWantWorkLifeBalance NOW – Parental leave for all mothers & fathers!


3. #IWantWorkLifeBalance NOW – Flexible work arrangements for parents & carers!

4. #IWantWorkLifeBalance NOW – Help people to enter & stay in employment! (coming soon)


5. #IWantWorkLifeBalance NOW – Minimum standards for carers’ leave!


6. #IWantWorkLifeBalance NOW – Paid paternity leave for all fathers!



We also call on the European Parliament and Member States representatives to reach a quality agreement and adopt the directive for the interest of all families in Europe by the end of 2018.

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