Newsletter April 13

Questionnaire from the Special Rapporteur on the right to housing

For her next report to the General Assembly, the Special Rapporteur on the right to housing will focus on the right to adequate housing of persons with disabilities. The Special Rapporteur intends to further investigate the housing conditions of many people with disabilities that she has seen around the world, in institutions, in informal settlements, on the streets of cities and in rural settings. She hopes to enhance understandings of how housing circumstances are uniquely tied to t dignity, equality and social inclusion for people with disabilities.

The report aims to clarify the nature of state obligations to address systemic violations of the right to housing of persons with disabilities, and to understand the interdependence with the right to non-discrimination (including reasonable accommodation), and several other human rights. The report will also apply a disability lens to particular dimensions of the right to housing, including security of tenure; the obligation to provide adequate alternative housing in the community where displacement is unavoidable; meaningful engagement, and access to services including water, sanitation and support for community living.

The Special Rapporteur invites Governments, National Human Rights Institutions, independent monitoring mechanisms, civil society organizations and networks, including organizations of persons with disabilities, and other relevant stakeholders, with relevant information to share contributions and inputs for her report. She welcomes information on innovative approaches and successful programmatic and legislative initiatives as well.

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