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UNAF Spain considers extension of paternity leave to four weeks “insufficient”

The Union of Family Associations (UNAF) in Spain calls for equal maternity and paternity leaves which are non-transferable, to ensure there is no discrimination of women on the labour market.

UNAF, as a pioneering organisation in the fight for the rights of families, has described as “insufficient” the recently announced paternity leave reform, which will extend its duration to four weeks.

“The extension of paternity leave is something that civil society organisations have been advocating for over many years, without much progress. Now that a step is finally taken in the right direction,  UNAF believes the government is not taking into account a fundamental dimension: as long as maternity and paternity leave are not equal in duration and non-transferable, the family care burden will continue to fall mainly on women, and they will continue to be penalised on the labour market” says Ascensión Iglesias, President of UNAF. To avoid this, UNAF advocates for maternity, paternity and parental leave, in other words a leave for the mother, another for the father, and a leave shared by both (parental). “It’s about helping both parents to learn to care, that they acquire parenting skills, that they take equal responsibility and that they are both in a position to take care of the child,” she explains. UNAF calls on the government to develop reconciliation policies which promote “co-responsibility” between men and women, something that is already being done in many countries across the EU in terms of social welfare.  More here