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Call for proposals to prevent and combat gender-based violence and violence against children

Action grant awarded under the Annual Work Programmes 2018 of the Justice Programme, the Rights Equality and Citizenship Programme (REC).

There are five funding priorities:

  • Prevention of gender-based violence (GBV): The focus of this priority is on primary prevention, in particular changing social norms and behavior, in order to end tolerance of all forms of gender-based violence
  • Protection and support for victims and witnesses (including children) of domestic violence, including through tackling under-reporting, promoting multi-disciplinary cooperation, and capacity building for relevant professionals
  • The coordination and/or adaptation of support services for sexual and gender-based violence to include refugees and migrants (children, women, LGBTI persons, men and boys), in particular to ensure their recovery from such trauma
  • Prevention and responding to cyber sexual- and gender-based violence (targeting children, women, LGBTI persons, men and boys), such as revenge porn, extortion with the use of sexual imagery (“sextortion”), sexual or gendered online harassment/bullying, grooming, etc.
  • Promoting the embedding of child safeguarding policies across different settings and sectors, such as sports clubs and organisations, extra-curricular activities and/or leisure/recreation clubs/organisations for children (including faith/church-led; scouts and girl guides, private schools), both as a means to protect and safeguard children as well as to equip staff with the necessary training and guidance.

Deadline for proposals: 13.11.2018

Projects may be national or transnational and eligible countries are EU Member States and Iceland.
More information about the call

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