Gezinsbond: our view on the European Pillar of Social Rights

Gezinsbond (Belgium) takes position on European Pillar of Social Rights

The Gezinsbond (League of Families in Flanders) has examined from a family perspective each of the 20 principles in the European Commission’s Pillar of Social Rights proposal. What do these principles mean for families in Flanders? What is the impact of such a measure on the daily life of parents and children? And, importantly, is everyone sufficiently considered in the family or are there groups which are excluded or forgotten?

The Gezinsbond highlights questions which still need answering: Will the Pillar remain “soft” law focusing on benchmarking, peer reviews and the ‘open method of coordination’ to challenge Member States to compete for the best social policy? Or are there certain principles which are so important that they should be enforceable by law?

See the full position here.