High-level conference: European Commission prepares next steps towards European Pillar of Social Rights

COFACE Families Europe took part in a high level conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights on 23rd January in Brussels, where more than 600 participants from Member State authorities, EU institutions, social partners and civil society, including more than 20 national Ministers and several Members of the College of Commissioners, discussed the results of the public consultation on this European Pillar of Social Rights. COFACE and its members also submitted responses to the consultation, and published key recommendations on both the architecture and content of the future Pillar.

Since the Pillar announcement by President Juncker in September 2015, there has been a wide debate with EU authorities, Member States, social partners, civil society and citizens on the content and role of the Pillar and how to ensure fairness and social justice in Europe. The European Commission will prepare its proposal on the Pillar to be expected in March this year.

President Jean-Claude Juncker also announced that he will host a “Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth” together with Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in Gothenburg on 17 November 2017.

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