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One Smile Each Day – Positive vibes during the pandemic

These are stressful and challenging times at the moment. During all this uncertainty, we should not forget to be positive. We are going to help you with that by sharing interesting, uplifting and funny stories, images and tips with you that give you #OneSmileEachDay.

Cat sounds to comfort you

Animals are a good way to relieve stress or make our mind wonder. But during a lockdown it can be hard to see and engage with animals if you don’t have one. The zoos are closed and the neighbour cat is confined inside with her owner. So if you are in need of a cat’s loving purr, look no further: https://purrli.com/


Teach your child about Coronavirus

Parents are often questioning themselves how to teach their children about the Coronavirus. Here is an innovative game for you: See instructions here.



Colours, colours, colours

We are just at the start of our confinement, but you are already out of ideas how to spend the time, alone or with someone else? – Ever tried colouring? It is not only for kids. You can find here great templates for young and older adults, no colour in alone or together. https://twophotonart.com/pages/coloring-pages


Contemporary art and the lockdown

Wondering how others live during this lockdown? Have a look and see if you are lucky compared to them: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3102877143076480&substory_index=0&id=179531498744407


We love penguins.

We know this situation will end at some point. What will you do first? Whatever you do, keep your balance. It could be hard to walk after such a long time inside.