COFACE study visit
Spotlight on single parent families and large families
26-27th October 2020
Budapest, Hungary

Although the EU economy recovered from the last recession, it has suffered another shock as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with inequality again on the increase and some families facing multiple challenges. Single-parents’ families, large families, migrant families and families where members have disabilities or long-term conditions face high risks of social exclusion and material deprivation. This study visit will put the spotlight on single parent families and large families, taking COFACE to Budapest where members Single Parents Foundation and NOE will provide insights into the situation in Hungary, as a starting point for discussions with counterpart organisations from other EU countries.

The specific objectives of this European study visit are the following:

  1. Study the situation of one-parent families and large families in Hungary, and current policies to support them (presentations, testimonies, site visits).
    2. Cross-country exchange with other family organisations of COFACE on policies to support these two types of family groupings (presentations)
    3. Map practices/actions in different countries to add to COFACE Family Lab
    4. Develop a policy brief highlighting different support services available to these target groups
    5. Collect information on the needs of these families and consider how the EU can provide support (funding, policy, legislation).

Working languages: English and Hungarian

Venue: Single Parents Centre, Budapest with possibility of zoom participation from COFACE members in confined countries.

Participants: we aim for around 10 participants from COFACE and 10 participants from SPF + NOE. 20 in total. Where possible also single parents + large families themselves.

Save the date! The call for experts will be issued in September.

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