EU call for proposals: Fast track integration into the labour market for third country nationals targeting exclusively asylum seekers, refugees and their family members

The call for proposals aims at funding innovative transnational projects to test and implement innovative policy schemes and delivery mechanisms that will ensure and facilitate a swift labour market integration of the specific target groups of third country nationals listed below. Proposals could also include the replication of successful innovative initiatives already implemented in other(s) country(ies).  Only applications targeting specifically the support to the following groups of third country nationals will be considered eligible for further evaluation: asylum seekers and refugees and their family members.
Specific measures targeting the labour market integration of migrant women will be considered favourably.
For the sake of simplicity, “refugees” is used in these specifications to refer to all beneficiaries of international protection (be they Geneva Convention refugees or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection).

Deadline for applications: 30th March 2017.  More information here about the call.