Digital Change And Its Impact On Families

Digital Change and its impact on families

The Association of German Family Organisations (COFACE member) has developed a discussion paper reflecting on questions regarding digitalisation for different areas of life from the point of view of families. It takes a lifecycle perspective to discuss the consequences of…

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How Accessible Are France’s Municipalities?

How accessible are France’s municipalities?

Using public transport, moving around in the streets, access to shops, public places or care facilities are all daily activities, but can become enormous challenges for persons with disabilities. APF France handicap (COFACE member) launched a major consultation jointly with…

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OPINION: Time For An Economy Which Cares!

OPINION: Time for an economy which cares!

By Annemie Drieskens, President of COFACE Families Europe Today’s world is complex and new technologies offer unprecedented progress and change our way of work and life patterns rapidly. Like many parents I am excited about the opportunities on offer today.…

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