Eurobarometer Survey On Work-life Balance

Eurobarometer survey on work-life balance

A Eurobarometer survey was carried out by phone in the 28 Member States on the issue of work-life balance. In this survey, 26,578 respondents were asked about: existing levels of satisfaction with work-life balance; the availability of various types of…

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Campaign “Papaproof” By Gezinsbond, Belgium

Campaign “Papaproof” by Gezinsbond, Belgium

Gezinsbond actively supported the new campaign "Papaproof" calling on employers to stimulate parental leaves for the employees, especially for the fathers. Employers that give their staff 10 days paternity leave will be labelled “papaproof” and will receive extra coverage in…

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Single Parent Centre Has Opened In Budapest, Hungary

Single parent centre has opened in Budapest, Hungary

More than 300.000 families and half a million children live in single parent families in Hungary. The Single Parent Centre is the country’s first community and support centre for these families. It organises programmes, group activities and different services for…

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