Enhancing Capabilities? Rethinking Work-life Policies and their Impact from a New Perspective

This European Research Council project 2019-2023, led by the University of Utrecht, will ask: To what extent do work-life balance policies enhance men and women’s capabilities to achieve work-life balance? CAPABLE progresses scientific and policy frontiers using innovative, mixed-methods approaches at multiple policy levels to analyse:

1. The  design of work-family policies;

2. What these policy designs mean for what men and women are effectively able to achieve – their capabilities – to achieve work-life balance given their embeddedness in individual, community and social contexts;

3. Whether work-life policies enhance individual wellbeing; and

4. What policy tools are needed for developing sustainable work-life balance policies that enhance gender equal work-life capabilities.

While the project covers 8 countries (Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK), there will be more in-depth studies for 4 of these 8 countries: the UK, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain.

COFACE Families Europe sits on the advisory board of this project.


The project website will soon go active and they are already tweeting from @ERC_CAPABLE  so please do follow them on Twitter!