chartercofacedisabilityThe European Charter for Family Carers was designed by COFACE-Disability as a reference point for the various organisations that represent persons with disabilities and/or complex dependency needs and their families both at national and EU institutional levels.

The Charter deals directly with all aspects pertaining to the life of persons with disabilities and their families. Meeting the needs of family carers irrespective of the cause of the dependency of the person that is being cared for (age, illness, accident, etc.) through targeted measures contributes to the quality of care and helps preserve a qualitative family life. This is done by safeguarding the physical and mental health of carers, strengthening the family ties between carers and the dependent person, preventing financial impoverishment and enabling family carers to comply with the demands of both their family and working lives simultaneously.

The Charter is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and Slovak.

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