Families VOTE 2014

The European Parliament along the other institutions of the EU may seem far away from citizens in the different Member States, and often they don’t even hear about what decisions were taken. Contrary to common belief COFACE is convinced that the European Parliament does have power in a large number of important areas that impact our everyday lives, and those of families living in Europe.

COFACE launched the publication #FamiliesVOTE2014 “Helping you make your choice for the 2014 European Parliament Elections”. This publication brings concrete information of the big political groups to the attention of voters to boost citizens’ knowledge and understanding on what the EU can and will do for families’ well-being.

It compares the various family policies of the Political Groups in the Parliament concerning the following social policy areas:

1. Jobs
2. Work-Life Balance
3. Family Carers, Disability or long-term illness in the Family
4. Housing
5. Energy
6. Migrant and Transnational Families
7. Financial Inclusion and the impact on families

We hope that you will find it interesting to go through and compare the answers of the main political groups: the European People’s Parts (EPP), the Socialists & Democrats (S&D), the Greens and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group. Not all of our questions received an answer from each group, if you wish to have more information we encourage you to go on their campaign websites and read more about the specific programmes that you are interested in.

What will change for me if I vote at the European Elections? How do I know which candidate to vote for?

Download the publication in English, German, Greek, Italian and French.

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