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MEPs must fully honour their work-life balance pledges in the European Pillar of Social Rights

On 19 January 2017, the European Parliament will be called on to vote on the report 2016/2095(INI) “European Pillar of Social Rights”. This report touches upon a number of very relevant themes for people in Europe, including their chances to better reconcile work, family, care and personal life.

We jointly call on the European Parliament to continue its work, reaffirm its position in favour of reconciliation and be coherent with its previous votes, and stop amendments watering down its position, by excluding the call for legislative initiatives at EU level.

In its 13 September 2016 resolution “Creating labour market conditions favourable for family-work balance”, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to affirm that Work-Life Balance is a right and called on the European Commission to put forward a coherent and ambitious package made of legislative and non-legislative initiatives, in order to bring real change into people’s lives.

In 2015, many of us jointly published a comprehensive policy document, the “European Reconciliation Package”, to propose concrete and coherent policy solutions, and we strongly supported the 2016 Resolution “Creating labour market conditions favourable for family-work balance”.

We are 8 European networks of NGOs and since 2012 we have been working together to raise awareness about the daily challenges faced by women and men across the EU in reconciling their work, family and private life. We represent millions of children, adults and families across the EU, and we are calling on Members of European Parliament to reaffirm the importance of stronger and more effective policies for work-life balance.

The European Parliament is the voice of people, and at a time when women and men are losing their confidence in Europe and European leaders, showing coherence and ambition is a great opportunity to restore trust and show that Europe really cares about their real lives and concerns.