AGF: Caregivers returning to the workforce must have access to full-time employment

Returning to full time employment after a period of part-time work to look after children or the elderly can prove difficult, if not impossible, says the Association of German Family Organisations (AGF).

Women , it says, are most affected, facing discrimination from employers.

AGF states that employers must give priority to employees who seek to return to full-time employment rather than hire external candidates, especially taking into consideration employees with care-giving duties.  Increasing the number of working hours should not only take place in the event of a vacant full-time position but also if it is possible to combine the currently held part-time position with another free or newly created part-time position.

Stefan Becker, the AGF chiarman,  said he is backing the German Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs,  Andrea Nahles, in her attempt to implement the right to a rapid return to full-time employment.

“We support Ms Nahles […] because of the benefits for families in the day-to-day balancing act between professional requirements and family responsibilities,” said Mr. Becker

“There is urgently a need for better conditions.”

The German family organisation made the comments following a new report by Germany’s Federal Statistical Office, Destatis, that shows that many part-time workers are dissatisfied with their work: almost 15% of part-time employees are “underemployed” and would like to increase their working hours.   In 2013, AGF released this report on the issue.