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UNAF France: Countering domestic violence

I live it, I see it, I have seen it, I have lived it… What can I do?

UNAF France and its regional members (UDAF) continue to fight against domestic violence through their family policy. Especially the UDAF in Deux-Sèvres is committed and has established a “Daytime Support Service” for victims of domestic violence. In order to continue to inform, guide and raise awareness on this subject, the management of the service organises free information sessions open to all in the form of “talks”.

This initiative is the result of several observations, all of which are related to victims of domestic violence. In fact, since its opening in 2015, the “Daytime Support Service” has seen 266 women and 2 men who are victims of domestic violence. These victims often experience difficulties in taking steps that they consider insurmountable and harmful. Before doing anything, they systematically need to know how to better protect themselves and their children, or how to behave as a witness. Thus, it is important to give these persons precise information on rights, protections and recourse in regards to intra-family violence.

The first session will begin on 28 January 2021 on domestic violence, with the intervention of Lydia Tessier, Social Assistant at the Departmental Council of Deux-Sèvres and Marion NIiane, Social worker at the UDAF of Deux-Sèvres. The participants will be able to define domestic violence, learn how to spot it and how to counter it. Then, on 11 March 2021, other professionals and experts will provide information on how to file a complaint (how, when, and after?). Then, on 6 May and 10 June 2021, new professionals will come to question the child’s place in the violence, particularly the child’s psychological trauma as well as parenthood (co-parenting, separation, rights and duties of each party, etc.).  On 9 September 2021 “sheltering”, preparation for departure from the home, and existing protective measures for protection, will be the focus of the discussion.

Finally, on 25 November, the International Day of Action against Violence against Women, professionals will discuss projects related to the reconstruction (consequences of separation, trust in oneself, in others…) necessary to look forward to the future.

More information: https://www.unaf.fr/spip.php?article27405

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