The history of COFACE is intertwined with the history of the European Union, and its growth has followed the same pace, slowly but surely. COFACE was born in 1958 following the creation of the European Economic Community, as “the Family Consumption Committee”, and piece by piece, COFACE members mainstreamed the family perspective beyond consumer policy in social, education, and disability policy.

In this section you will find real pieces of history such as telegrams, press releases, cassettes, vintage documents… COFACE’s pieces of history prove that most of the policy recommendations and advocacy strategies used in the past are being used today. It looks like history is repeating itself… One concrete example, our Work-Life Balance campaign. More details below.

Shaping the EU Treaties


Telegrams, the collective mobilisation in the eighties



Beginnings of debates on gender equality in the family




Without families, Europe has no future



Family mainstreaming in all EU policies



The “modern” consumer of information technology



European Charter for Family Carers


Mainstreaming disability rights and promoting independent living


SDGs 1.0: Sustainable consumption and consumer awareness-raising


Our visual identity through the ages





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