Representing its member organisations towards the European and international institutions (UN, OECD, Council of Europe), and towards other organisations operating at European level (EU agencies and stakeholder groups, NGO alliances, forums, platforms).


Supporting advocacy campaigns for families wherever the interests of families and their members are at stake.


Coordinating and facilitating projects, programmes, activities and initiatives of member organisations, bringing a European dimension to their local initiatives to drive change for families.


Closely following EU and international initiatives, assessing the negative and positve impacts for families. Assess emerging family trends across Europe through studies in various fields, and making the link with EU/international initiatives.


Establishing networking systems for the continuing exchange of information and actions with member organisations on matters arising within the European Union, as well as reaching out to individuals who support COFACE’s mission.


Developing new projects, conferences, seminars, trainings and study days, and putting in motion programmes of action at European level, in partnership with other organisations.

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