COFACE – FAMILIES EUROPE is a network promoting the well-being, health and security of families and their members in a changing society and serves as a trusted entity for family mainstreaming and for the voice/needs of families in the EU and beyond

We achieve this through coordination between the COFACE Member organisations to assess the needs of families at grass-roots levels, to gather evidence and project trends, and to link these needs to the appropriate policy mechanisms at EU level, such as the European Semester process, the Social Open Method of Coordination, the European Structural and Investment Funds, the European Pillar of Social Rights, as well as other key EU legislative and non-legislative initiatives beyond social and employment policy (gender equality, migration, education, consumer policy, financial services, safer internet and more).

We do this by liaising directly with key EU policy makers in European Parliament, Commission and Council, as well as EU advisory bodies like the European Economic and Social Committee and the EU Committee of the Regions.

It is also our role to drive innovation by facilitating transnational exchanges and foster mutual learning on effective policies and practices between COFACE member organisations, aiming to support national and sub-national policies in the interest of families. COFACE achieves this through the organisation of seminars, ad-hoc expert groups, EU presidency and other conferences, advocacy and awareness raising campaigns, on-line and social communication and dissemination.


COFACE Families Europe works towards a family friendly environment, enabling all families and their members to benefit from sufficient financial resources, available quality services and adequate time arrangements in order to live and enjoy their family life in dignity and harmony


COFACE Families Europe is rooted in a set of six core values:

  • Non-discrimination. COFACE-Families Europe recognises all family forms.
  • Equal opportunities. COFACE-Families Europe believes equality between women and men is a cornerstone for the reconciliation of family and professional life.
  • Respect of human rights. COFACE-Families Europe seeks to advance the rights of families and their members to a decent quality of life.
  • Empowerment. COFACE-Families Europe aims to give a voice to all family members as citizens, consumers and workers.
  • Social inclusion. COFACE-Families Europe advocates for the shaping of policies to tackle poverty and social exclusion of families and their members.
  • Solidarity. COFACE-Families Europe promotes intergenerational solidarity between family members.
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