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Disability is a key area of work under the EU social policy, EU fundamental rights agenda, and now also under the EU Internal Market agenda, aiming to make some goods and services accessible to persons with disabilities. The European Union has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and committed, thus to its implementation in the areas of European competence.

COFACE families Europe transversal key demands are about support to families which includes resources, services and time (R-S-T). In the field of disability this means income support to families with disabled members, high quality services, with a special attention to inclusive early education and care and community-based services, social protection and flexible working arrangements for family carers.

As the COFACE Disability platform is composed of organisations founded by family members of persons with disabilities, who created the support was missing in their communities, one of the central themes of our advocacy is the recognition and support of family carers in the national and European legislation. The main demands of our network are summarised in the European Charter for Family Carers, and, at European level, we strongly supported the recognition of carers’ rights in the Work-Life Balance Directive. Our COFACE Disability branch meets at least once a year to discuss key issues such as these, and to ensure that families of people with disabilities have a voice in EU policy and law-making.

We are closely monitoring the implementation of the CRPD, together with UN, EU bodies, and key EU stakeholders and we are strongly committed in promoting the full inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families. This means, on the one hand, the adaptation of the mainstream sector to include persons with disabilities and, on the other hand, the innovation of the offer of services with the transition from institutional to community-based settings in the social and health sector to ensure families and their members are fully included in their communities. Accessibility is a fundamental precondition for inclusion, and in this sense, together with the European Disability Forum, COFACE Families Europe strongly advocated for the adoption of the European Accessibility act, and is now monitoring its transposition.

COFACE key alliances

European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community-Based Care (co-founder)

European Taskforce on Co-Production (co-founder)

European Disability Forum (Associated member)

COFACE key documents

COFACE Families Europe response to the public consultation: reviewing the Disability Strategy 2010-2020 (October 2019)

S.H.I.F.T. – A guide to shift towards meaningful inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families EN, FR, PT, ES (November 2019)

Long-term care: the family dimension. Key recommendations from COFACE Families Europe to shape long-term care systems for and with families (2018)

Inclusive education from right to reality: is legislation enough to empower families? (2018)

European Charter for Family Carers EN/FR (updated in March 2017)

‘Who cares? Study on the challenges and needs of family carers in Europe’ EN/FR (2017)

Policy position on Early Child Education and Care (2014)

The Family Dimension of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesFactsheet (March 2012)

Active Ageing for Family Carers (2012)


Concluding Speech Of Back-to-School Webinar

Concluding speech of Back-to-School webinar

Back-to-school webinar, 14 September 2020 Conclusion from the co-chairs of the COFACE Platform on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and their families, Chantal Bruno, (APF France Handicap) and Sylvie Hirtz (APEMH) [click on "Translate" button to see the speech…

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No More Time To Waste To Shift Towards Inclusive Education

No more time to waste to shift towards inclusive education

Brussels, 14th September 2020, MEDIA RELEASE #BeTheSHIFT #Jaipasecole DOWNLOAD RECOMMENDATIONS In Europe too many children with disabilities are excluded from participating in mainstream education. Now is the time to make a cultural, political and practical transformation of the education systems…

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OPINION: Forgotten

OPINION: Forgotten

By Chantal Bruno, APF France Handicap   Response from COFACE Disability co-chair to Letter of President Charles Michel. We can only be grateful that the European Union is aware of the needs of families, family carers and vulnerable groups. We…

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2020 – COFACE Disability platform meeting

**Please note: This is an internal COFACE expert meeting** (meeting documents are for internal use, not for dissemination) 2020 COFACE Disability platform for the rights of persons with disabilities and their families 24th June 2020 ________ List of Participants Link to…

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