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Education is a huge policy area to cover. COFACE’s expertise focuses especially on three key areas: informal education and parenting support, early childhood education and care, and finally striving for inclusive education. Read more on this section.

COFACE Families Europe’s position on Early Childhood Care and Education (2014)


OPINION: Learning To Listen Differently

OPINION: Learning to listen differently

A think piece on being a sister to an amazingly wonderful little brother with nonverbal autism Children on the autism spectrum may find it difficult to communicate with other people. Some children may have rich vocabularies and be able to…

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Advent Calendar: 24 “Toy Stories” From Across Europe

Advent calendar: 24 “Toy Stories” from across Europe

Christmas is approaching and, as every year in the pre-Christmas period, COFACE Families triggers a social media campaign wave to promote equal opportunities and to highlight gender, disability and ethnic stereotypes in toy production, marketing and shops. Last year, we…

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