COFACE members are identified family experts advocating for and engaging in local projects supporting all family rights and support measures.  While our members are not firmly rooted in migration policy, their support services in social, family and education policy covers migration in different ways and contributes to building inclusive societies in Europe. We consulted our network to find out more about their advocacy work and projects targeting children and families in migration. We received feedback from members across European regions regarding current state of plays, emerging challenges, and current activities. Here below are some examples from Belgium, Spain, Finland, Bulgaria and Greece, which highlight how family organisations contribute to building a Welcoming Europe.

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German Family Organisations Meet Angela Merkel

German family organisations meet Angela Merkel

On 26 February 2019 the presidents and chairmen of the five member associations of the Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) met for a constructive discussion with Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. The dialogue focused on questions relating to support…

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Stocktaking Of Member Initiatives On Migration

Stocktaking of Member Initiatives on Migration

In celebration of International Migrants Day 2018, we would like to highlight some of the remarkable initiatives of our members in support of migrant children and their families. In the last months, we have consulted both internally and externally on…

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