COFACE Families Europe calls on European and national decision-makers to strengthen support to migrant families. COFACE is convinced that, in migration policies, taking the family dimension into account is of strategic importance at this stage. COFACE is currently working in four directions within the broader field of migration policies.

The right to family reunification

COFACE responded to the Green paper issued by the European Commission in which it stresses that the right to family life is recognised in International and European Human Rights Instruments and therefore, families should be supported and facilitated in the fulfilment of such a right, with no discrimination of individuals or of family form. Family reunification is a vector of social cohesion and integration, therefore, no family should be discriminated and prevented from such right.

Children left behind

Economic and labour and circular migration, both from third countries and within the EU, is an important phenomenon that cannot be neglected. Migration has a deep impact and important consequences of families, especially considering that the number of transnational families is constantly increasing. This leads also to the phenomenon of the so-called “children left behind”. Social consequences of economic migration cannot be underestimated and COFACE is currently engaging in activities to better explore this phenomenon. COFACE is also partner of the network

Education and the role of migrant parents for integration of migrant and Roma children

For years, we have been lobbying so that education takes on a central role in preparing for active participation in society and in the promotion of social inclusion. COFACE Families Europe believes that the education policy challenge cannot be looked at without considering a wider policy challenge: their integration. Successful integration would indeed prevent migrant children to go through the same conditions of social alienation and hardship that their parents have to face.

The role of migrant parents in the school education of their children is often underestimated or inappropriately dealt with. Strengthening the ability of migrant parents to support their children is a key instrument for success at school, and beyond for social inclusion.

The Family dimension of EU Asylum policy

Considering the recent changes in the EU Asylum policy and the commitments of Member States to establish a Common European Asylum System, COFACE is working to analyse the family dimension of the current EU Asylum policy.


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