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AGF joins German cooperation network on equal health opportunities

The Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) joined the German cooperation network on equal health opportunities. The network includes around 70 institutions and organisations and forms a conceptual framework on the exchange of the development of political and supply measures to prevent health inequalities in Germany.

The cooperation network was founded in 2003 on initiative of the German Federal Centre for Health Education (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA)). It works as a cooperation platform for institutions from practice, science and political organisations. In the network declaration the partners state among other, that health of socio-economic disadvantaged persons is worse, their life expectancy is significantly less than those from the socio-economical advanced part of the population. This is shown by the health and social reports on state and national level. Particularly children from vulnerable families as well as migrants face diverse health issues that we can and have to tackle by health promotion.

This also is an important aim of the German family organisations. For AGF the membership in the network means to widen the cooperation to players in the health sector.

More information here in German: https://www.ag-familie.de/news/1553073249GesChancengleichheit.html?en

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