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Alternative Dispute Resolution project for consumers, ASGECO, Spain

Mediation is the process by which two or more parties come freely and by mutual agreement, to a third person, objective and independent in order to provide help in preventing, managing or resolving conflict, helping them to achieve voluntary agreements. There are insufficient traditional systems of conflict resolution. ASGECO, Spanish Confederation of consumers, seeks to change the conflicting interests and positions towards a model of cooperation in solving disputes thanks to the work of the mediator.

With its “Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): Dialogando en consumo” project, ASGECO aims to promote and to inform consumers of alternative dispute resolution systems as alternatives to the traditional court process. The aim is to find more economical and accessible systems to resolve conflicts and without spending too much time.

The project proposes to consumers several supports to obtain information about mediation:

A website  |  A video  |  A Consumer guide

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