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The Spanish Consumer confederation ASGECO encourages consumers to take care of toys

Following the campaign on toys carried out by the Spanish Consumer confederation ASGECO last Christmas, ASGECO publishes now a new set of advice to ensure proper maintenance of toys, as they are sensitive products used by children and often from a very young age.

A smart consumption of toys means keeping them as long as possible in perfect use and giving a second life to the service of other children. It is also possible to apply, as with any product, the rule of the 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair, as long as a high level of quality and safety is maintained.

According to ASGECO, children should be the first actors in the care of toys, and this is a good opportunity to introduce good habits of maintenance, responsibility and solidarity, such as:

  • Sort the toys to avoid losses, risks and deterioration, assigning each of them a specific place. Involve children in the maintenance of their toys, thus promoting good habits.
  • Ensure that children under 36 months of age do not have access to the toys of their older brothers or sisters and hold them accountable to keep them out of the reach of the little ones.
  • Get rid of containers, boxes or bags that could represent risks of cuts or suffocation.
  • Read and keep the manuals of instructions and the invoices.
  • Keep toys clean, especially those that are used outdoors or those that the little ones can put in their mouths, in order to avoid bacterial deposits.
  • Examine from time to time the toys, checking their deterioration or the presence of broken elements that could put the health or safety of the children at risk.
  • Check the good condition of the batteries, plugs, etc. and its protection in electrical appliances.
  • Encourage children to exchange or to offer the toys that they do not use anymore.

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