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ASGECO promotes responsible consumption and fights against childhood obesity with a new online campaign in Spain

A healthy diet contributes to our well-being, so it is crucial to learn healthy life habits from a young age. With its campaign “Con la comida SÍ se juega 2.0.” (Yes, you can play with food), the General Association of Consumers-ASGECO Confederación proposes an interactive game with the objective of teaching children the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity.

In addition to practical information on responsible habits and child nutrition, the website offers a game that informs children about the food they eat and the consequences of its consumption, in the short time and throughout life.

Children can play five scenarios corresponding to their day to day life: the kitchen (breakfast), the school (lunch and dinner), the sports facility (snack and physical activity outside school), their room (dinner and homework) and the park (weekend and leisure). They can review the main concepts about healthy diet and physical activity: the importance of having five meals a day, revision of the food pyramid, tips against food waste and in favor of recycling, etc.

The campaign is funded by the Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.

More information about the campaign:

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