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Call to think beyond stereotypes with #ToysAndDiversity

Are you thinking of buying gifts for Christmas or any other special occasion? We prepared a checklist to encourage you to think beyond the usual stereotypes when you do your shopping!

We all know far too well that the majority of toys do not reflect the diversity in society and unfortunately promote gender and racial stereotypes. In the last years, we analysed toy catalogues from different countries and found that a crucial majority of toys display pre-defined roles and are not accessible to children with different types of disabilities. Blue for boys and pink for girls is not the reality nor is that boys want to play with cars, drones or guns, whereas girls care about beauty and grooming. We should show our children that they can be whoever they are and that there is no limit to their imagination.

Therefore, we want to help you reflect in your choices and think critically when buying toys. Our simple checklist aims to detect and put a light on gender stereotypes in toys catalogues and shops but it also aims at showing whether the toys are inclusive towards children with disabilities and to what extent they reflect the diversity which exists in European societies today.

  • Blue for boys, pink for girls? Think beyond! Rainbows are not made of two colours. #ToysAndDiversity
  • Think beyond! Reflect the diversity which exists in society. Dolls come in all shapes, sizes, colours and abilities. #ToysAndDiversity
  • Toolbox for boys, kitchen set for girls? Think beyond! Let them play to be whoever they want. #ToysAndDiversity
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