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COFACE consulted by the WHO European Region on better health and well-being

On 7-8 December 2016, the WHO Regional Office for Europe organised a High-level Conference on Working together for better health and well-being in Paris. The conference aimed to address health inequalities through tackling the social determinants of health to improve the health and well-being of future generations. COFACE Families Europe was asked to contribute by providing examples and case studies promoting intersectoral and interagency action for health and well-being in the European region.

COFACE has been active in drafting and promoting Nutrimedia, an educational tool for teachers/trainers/parents which looks at the link between media/advertising and eating habits, or how media/advertising can influence our eating habits. We have carried out a dozen of such trainings with a variety of audiences (teachers, family organisation trainers, parents…) and have received positive feedback on the content.

The “bulk” of this educational tool focuses on advertising techniques to raise awareness of parents and increase their critical thinking skills towards media/advertising, allowing them to accompany their children and provide context/reflections about advertising and the media, recognizing the different ways in which the media/advertising influences their behaviour.

Read more about the WHO event here.

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